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Needed software

Versions other than those specified may or may not work.

Example directory structure


Configuring the IDA Pro SDK

You only need to do this when you install the SDK.

  1. For IDA version 4.5 and later: Generate \idasdk\w32bor.cfg as described in \idask\install_make.txt.
  2. Add the lines below to \idasdk\w32bor.cfg. (Only the line beginning with -I is really needed.)
    ; Include boost
    ; Disable warning "Functions taking class-by-value argument(s) are not expanded inline"
    ; Disable warning "Functions containing try are not expanded inline"
  3. Modify all the include and library paths in \idasdk\w32bor.cfg to suit your system.
  4. Only for IDA versions prior to 4.5: Third, modify \idasdk\plugins\plugin.mak by changing the line beginning with OBJS= to the following lines. (This will allow more more source files in the plugin.)
    OBJS=$(F)$(PROC)$(O) $(OBJ1) $(OBJ2) $(OBJ3) $(OBJ4) $(OBJ5) $(OBJ6) $(OBJ7) \
         $(OBJ8) $(OBJ9) $(OBJ10) $(OBJ11) $(OBJ12)
  5. Create the directory \idasdk\bin\w32\plugins if it does not exist.

Building Desquirr

  1. Put the Desquirr sources in a directory below the \idasdk\plugins\ directory, typically in \idasdk\plugins\desquirr\.
  2. Open a Command Prompt window and change directory to \idasdk\plugins\desquirr\ (or the corresponding directory on your system)
  3. Run make (included with the Borland compiler) to build Desquirr. The plugin binary will appear in the directory \idasdk\bin\w32\plugins\.